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Travel off the eaten path with Traveling Spoon


Traveling Spoon is like having a friend’s mom cook you a home cooked meal in every country you visit. Traveling Spoon connects travelers with local, vetted hosts to share the joy of a homemade meal in their home and learn about their cultural and culinary traditions passed down through generations.


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We help you experience local cuisine while traveling, We offers in-home meals with our hosts. In addition, we also offer in-home cooking experiences as well as market visits as an add-on to many of the meal experiences. All of our hosts have been vetted to ensure a safe and delightful culinary experience.


Traveling Spoon was founded by Aashi Vel and Steph Lawrence who met at the Haas School of Business in 2011 around their joint passion of food. They shared a dream of helping people connect with authentic food experiences while traveling and founded Traveling Spoon to build a community of fellow food and travel lovers seeking meaningful experiences around the world.


“Our Mission is to find you the most meaningful and memorable cultural experiences”


In 2007, Steph traveled to China for the first time. After 2 1/2 weeks in the country, she was struck by how little she had connected with the local food and culture. Spending weeks traveling by tour bus from silk factory to hotel banquet hall where she ate with other tourists, she realized she didn’t connect with the local culture at all. She decided to move to China in 2009 to learn the language and explore the culture through its food – she wanted to learn to make dumplings from a Chinese grandmother. But when she moved there, she found there was
nothing out there to help her find the experiences she sought.

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In 2011, Aashi traveled to Mexico, and had a similar problem discovering the local food and culture. On her way to another overly-crowded tourist spot, she saw through a window a woman in her kitchen, making dinner. That was where she wanted to be eating dinner, sharing a homemade meal with this local Mexican woman, hearing her stories and learning about her culture.

When Aashi and Steph met at business school in 2011, these experiences had never left them. Both of them believed in the power of travel to make the world a smaller, better place, and wanted to help travelers experience authentic, meaningful, and delicious travel experiences around the world. Traveling Spoon connect foodies with local hosts around the world in 38 cities across 15 countries, across south and southeastern Asia as well as Japan to eat food as it’s prepared locally.

They started working on Traveling Spoon in all their MBA classes, launched the company after graduating in 2013, and haven’t looked back since.


Enter your destination and explore our hosts. Elect your host and begin the booking process by entering your travel dates and filling out the online reservation form. We send you a reservation with your perfect host. We will send you an email reservation confirming your host’s availability that includes details about your experience. Accept and confirm your booking. We will send you an email reservation confirming your host’s availability that includes details
about your experience.

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