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Papeeha – Silver Jewelry by Anushi and Aarti Agarwal

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But Anushi’s first and only love was Silver. She’d spend hours visiting offline and online stores to find that one perfect piece of handmade silver jewelry. And when she’d adorn those pieces, people wouldn’t stop fawning over them, asking her where she’d found that gem of a piece. Soon she realised two things- one, that she has an eye for exclusive jewelry and two, that people are hungry for exclusive jewelry, but don’t know how and where to find it.

Papeeha Silver Jewelry, Anushi, Aarti Agarwal


Sitting and sipping chai with her sister Aarti one evening, the idea of starting an online handmade silver jewelry store sprouted- and Papeeha was born! With Anushi’s astounding taste in jewelry and Aarti’s entrepreneurial skills, it didnt take long to get Papeeha fly off with it’s first batch of exclusive handmade jewelry- and beyond expectations, they were catching eye-balls in week 1 itself.

Papeeha-Silver-jewellery_1 - cuff links

Papeeha-Silver-jewellery_1 Ear rings

Papeeha-Silver-jewellery_1 - Neclace

The sisters are ecstatic on the success of Papeeha. “This is a niche market, as not everyone appreciates the beauty of this metal, along with it’s price point. But we are happy with the small but loyal base of customers we have already made. This is just the beginning and everyday we are more and more excited to take the journey forward” says Anushi.

“There’s no greater joy than happy customers sharing their photos adorning Papeeha pieces- it gives us more motivation every single day”, says Aarti.

Papeeha-Silver-jewellery_1 - ear rings

Papeeha-Silver-jewellery_1 - ear rings

Upon asking what challenges they faced in getting Papeeha up and running, Anushi says, “Both Aarti and I had delivered babies just 6 months back when we started off. We had corporate jobs to go back to after our maternity leaves. We were still adjusting to the jugglery between work and being a mother. But once the thought of this business had cropped up, we just knew that Papeeha had to see the light of the day. We knew that would mean cutting down from our already disturbed few hours of sleep, but the passion and excitement kept us going. That, of course along with the support of our families”. “We’ve had our share of talking to customers while changing our babies’ diapers!” laughs Aarti.

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Papeeha-Silver-jewellery_1 rings


On where do they see Papeeha going forward, the sisters beam with optimism. The first few months of business growth are signs of things to come, they say. Next year they plan to go the whole hog- selling on targeted e-comm platforms and launching their own website, and who knows, their own little store maybe!

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