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Nischint- The First Indian parental control app by Raghav Mimani

Nischint is a revolutionary product for parents and kids that harness the power of Internet and Application blocking in order to teach children proper device use and responsibility. By syncing your family’s phones and tablets to Nischint, one has the power to manage the entire family’s device use under one platform. The application’s intelligent management helps manage screentime, monitor social media and internet use, filter adult content and websites and thus protect kids from online dangers.




Nischint – First Indian parental control app 

Phone and SMS Logs – you can view phone calls and SMS made/received by your child’s device on real time

Image & Video Logs – allow you to view the images and videos taken on your child device. This feature is also updated on real time basis

Real time GPS location – you can now locate your child at any point

Proactive Application Settings – With Nischint not only can you see your child’s application usage, you can also set time limits to the usage of the application on basis total hours allowed or a weekly schedule for usage

Real time Alerts – provides real time alerts on critical battery, on phone being switched off and if the sim card is taken out

Child Shout Out – With this feature on the child device he/she can reach you and 2 other important contacts over email, push app notification and SMS (charged to the child mobile account).

Geo space – Set up your child’s safe zone and receive real time alerts when the safe zone is crossed

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Advanced Protective web filters – Proactively set the right filters for your kids when connected online.

Social Media Protection – Nischint helps you keep your kids safer by showing who they are friends with and what type of content is being shared


Transparency – This feature allows parents to switch off features which they do not want to use. The best part, children can view which features are not being monitored.


Nischint is now connected to more than 500,000 families worldwide. “We ensure that we speak to every
parent that comes on board our application. The key ingredient for us – to be prepared to listen to our customers.” says Raghav.

Raghav Mimani, Founder Nischint, shares the inspiration why he started off with this venture,” Pick up today’s newspaper and I am sure you would come across teenagers committing suicide on social media
or a youngster committing a cybercrime. We stay in a society wherein our younger generation are digitally native. However, as society we do little to protect them in the digital world. The idea is very simple, just like you give your son /daughter protective gear for sports; we want to ensure Nischint becomes a security application for every kid’s phone, tablet or PC.”

Nischint application was launched by celebrity Raveena Tandon. Nischint has also been featured in UNICEF Child Online Protection in India Report 2016.


He feels,” entrepreneurship is jumping off a cliff and building a plan before you land. We believe this is a journey and don’t necessarily look as highs and lows.” His success mantra,” Think Big, Think Fast, Think ahead… Ideas are no one’s monopoly (Shri Dhirubhai Ambani)”


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His advise to people who dream of making it big,” Empires weren’t built in a day. Aim for the stars, so that even if you fall short you will get the moon”.


Nischint is available on every social media. Follow Nischint on facebooktwitter, LinkedIn and website

Nischint the App is available on Google store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pagesolutions.nischint&hl=en and for Apple iOS at https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/nischint/id897106757?mt=8





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