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NISA’s Handicrafts – handmade collections by Nisa Sarma

Nisa’s Handicrafts A boutique founded by Nisa Sarma deals in customized silk garments, furnishing items, handmade soaps and cosmetics , green tea, customized cakes and bakes, catering, event management and adventure camping and trekking.


Nisa after having worked in the airline industry for few years had this urge to start something of her own. Initially she started with making handmade soaps and cosmetics and selling it in local, national and international exhibitions under NSIC(National Small Scale Industry) and private exhibitions.


Slowly, she expanded her products to Assam silk, traditional furnishing items etc.




Nisa, a true entrepreneur, is thankful to her husband, her parents, her in-laws and all her well wishers for all the support and appreciation.


Look out for some awesome handmade soaps, cosmetics, shampoo, lip balm and hair spa products at NISA’s Handicrafts handmade collections.

Call 9957673730 or follow on their facebook page



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