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Mosaic art at its best at Mini Mason by Kanika Singh

Mini Mason by Kanika Singh

Kanika Singh, the founder of Mini Mason, was a corporate professional for over 12 years moving from one role to another aimlessly, when in 2013, she realized that even after working for almost 8 to 12 hours she was not able to generate the financial stability she needed as a single parent. She chose mosaic art as a medium to relieve her stress and her boys also followed the same as a Saturday activity. Her two boys Advit and Ayush suggested setting up a stall at a Diwali Mela organized at their apartment complex. She was not much keen of selling at that time but finally gave into her son’s idea. Kanika gives credit to her older son, Advit, who created black brown and gold coasters in spite of her dislike for the color and surprisingly that was their first sale. By February 2014, Kanika had set her heart to become a mosaic Artist and create joy and happiness with it driven only by passion and love for the art. And so Mini Mason came into existence.

Mini Mason is in the art of mosaic that creates stories out of glass, ceramics, jewels or any other item. Mosaic Mirrors, Murals and Mosaic wall installations are some of the services provided by Mini Mason. Kanika has also developed a product line called Mini Mason Mosaic kits. These are Do-it-yourself kits that are great starter packs to understand the process of mosaic art. She also conducts workshops for all those who are interested in this art.

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In the initial phase of her venture, Kanika had feelings of doubt but she did not let those feeling overpower her. “I chose to switch into believing yes I am an artist with my own right to be so and I can be successful with each goal I set for myself.” Kanika adds, “ Each of the projects that I took on, each one a bigger challenge from the previous, the end creation spoke volumes for all the love and support I have got from friends, family and complete strangers who chose to be my clients.”

Her highest point till date was when she delivered her first solo wall project called, “Hill Flowers on Rocky Mountain”, simultaneously coordinated the arrival of her Mosaic mentor Caroline Jariwala and executed the Flowing Mosaic Meadow at DLF 5 Club drive, sponsored by DLF. Both projects were delivered within a tight timeline spanning one and a half month.

Kanika says, “I have realized the beauty of bringing people, pieces art and experiences. Mosaic is so therapeutic and everybody is tempted to contribute a few pieces. Team work is critical in getting any large artwork executed and I love to encourage people to join hands to create beauty through this therapeutic art medium. Everybody takes pride in their contributions and we together make the world a brighter and better place.”

Her success Mantra,” Make the choice to be happy moment by moment. There is always learning from a setback that helps you cut over to the next big high. There is always hope and I always choose to look up to that moment.” Her advise to people who dream of making it big,” Even though I don’t know how to swim, I keep telling myself just keep swimming and the stokes will make you stronger to achieve your goals.”

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Call 9818088447 or follow Mini Mason on their facebook page and website www.minimason.in





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