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LKFABKART by Lalchand Bodhwani is rewriting the B2B story for textile manufacturers


L kishanchand Fabrics Pvt Ltd based in surat since 1982 is the promoter of LKFABKART. One of the company’s directors Mr. Lalchand Bodhwani sensed the increasing popularity of e-commerce in 2015 and ventured out for LKFABKART.

The portal is aimed to roll out a smooth business between manufacturers and retailers.

How the idea of online B2B did came out?

  • Today there are thousands of online stores doing B2B and they all look almost same. However, we feel that the biggest problem faced by offline fashion brands when they come online is that they are not able to drive visibility.
  • We are doing B2B business in offline market since 1982; hence we’ve got to hear a lot of manufacturers complaining about the B2B stores doing frauds with them.
  • Presently all the top level B2B websites are blindly favouring customers even if they are doing frauds.
  • Almost entire offline textile market is male dominated. Unlike men, it becomes quite tough for ladies to travel cities, visit market and buy stocks for their boutique. Today we have almost 300+ ladies boutique owners buying various stocks for their shop or boutique. The saving in time and money has helped our ladies boutique owners to concentrate more on their sales counter.


We decided to bring on a portal that will help manufacturers to sell their products in bulk without getting cheated.


Why LKFABKART is safe for buyers and sellers?

There are no chances of cheating because we get payments from customers in advance. The payment is done only through bank transfers so customers are safe too.

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The biggest fear of a manufacturer is returns. We don’t have any returns policy (except damage products, that never happens because we undertake checking of all the items under CCtv cameras installed in checking department.


We ensure that we have checked all the items and there are no defects in that)

Thanks to our business analyst team that our strategies are beneficial for sellers as well as buyers.


Current Status

Although, Lalchand decided to start the ecommerce portal in 2015, it took 2 years to finally develop a business model of his choice.

But one thing that has happened through all this time is that the portal has kept on improving as Lalchand have 20+ years of experience in textile Industry.

Our company help brands in driving good orders to them. Also, customers are happy because we deal only with good brands to totally eliminate quality issues.

The buyers who are looking stock for their stock will have to roam various shops in search for the desired product. In online, you just get  X 10 times more options within few clicks. So they are happy to order stocks with us.

Future Plans

Since our startup, we have not received a single complain for the quality of our products. We think this is the biggest achievement for us.

We are not very hard on just cashing money nor we eye on achieving any X number of billions $ turnovers. It is just that we want to provide a right platform where buyers and sellers are benefitted.

The company wants to broaden their eCommerce brand network to include the smaller to medium brands as well so as to offer variety to their customers and help further personalize the experience.

Visit the official site, link here


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