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Dilli Darzi by Dhinchak Dilli of Anika Agarwal – An aspiring fashionista!

Anika Agarwal, Founder of Dhinchak Dilli, started Dilli Darzi a women’s clothing boutique, has always loved clothes and everything about it; the colours, the work, the fabric, even its smell and how it changes a person when adorned.

She knew her calling from the very beginning. The idea of creating something great out of a piece of cloth struck a chord and she always wanted to create a brand that defined her love for clothing and styling. And hence Dilli Darzi was born.


It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Anika,  the unavailability of dedicated labour who would treat work as his/her own, disappointed her for a long time. Dilli Darzi and Dhinchak DIlli took time in shaping up

Eventually her connections grew and she met the right people who dealt with her work as their own and created master pieces for many including famous Gujrati actress – Bhakto Kumbavat.

Dhinchak Dilli, Dilli Darzi

Dhinchak Dilli, Dilli Darzi

Dilli Darzi


Dilli Darzi, Dhincha Dilli

Her success mantra has always been “ Think positive and wish well for everyone!” This has not only helped her in achieving her goals but also in becoming a better person.


For those who want to start their own venture, her advice is “Do not ever give up during your lows, because when you are at your lowest, you cant fall any further, you just rise.”


Happy stitching!



Contact Dilli Darzi on their website, facebook. You can also visit them at their studio at D-18 preet vihar new delhi-92 or call Anika Aggarwal, Founder at +91-9999805126



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