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Mode Mantra, Designs by Kavita Sethi – Handcrafted Jewellery and Home Decor

Art, the ability to create something to express yourself, is one of the biggest presents that human kind has. When we realize the creative potential we have and admire the pieces crafted by our own hands, it is natural for us to want to share our gift with others.

Similar is the story of Kavita Sethi, owner of Mode Mantra Designs. A gifted artist with an interesting  sense of style, she was always interested in creating things and tweaking them in a unique way, she finally found her calling by creating her own brand of handcrafted products.



On being asked about her highs and lows through this journey of transitioning art to business, she was quick to point out that her journey so far has been quite uniform as she has not seen any peculiar high or low. While she hopes to see more of the former, we hope she does not have to see lows at all.

Deigning and marketing her own range of product is not an easy task. She prepares herself for this role by visiting markets, having a keen eye for her target customers and by displaying all the products through exhibitions.

Kavita believes that any target can be achieved through proper allocation and utilization of time and that is why she attributes her success to Time management. For people who aim to make it big, her only advice is to be persistent and patient and never give up on your dreams.

Though she has not catered to a celebrity client as yet, given her dedication to her business and keen sense of style, we sure hope we get to see many celebrity clients in her kitty soon.

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To know more about Kavita Sethi’ work and buy her Handiwork, visit her sitefacebook or Instagram