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Internet marketing for start-ups

A simple read for people who are new to Internet marketing

What is internet marketing?

In simple terms, marketing activities carried over the internet is called Internet marketing. It is also called online marketing. Since more and more people use internet, internet marketing has gained importance in current times.

Marketing is done through web, email and social media to drive sales or generate sales leads. Internet marketing basically means carrying out various advertising activities through websites, email and social networking sites like facebook, instagram,twitter etc.

 Why internet marketing should be an integral part of your business plan.

For start-ups, it is even more important to get visible and noticed in the www or the internet as popularly called. This is where Internet Marketing plays an important role for start-ups. Your start-up should have an online presence, as nowadays, internet has become a powerful marketing tool.

Internet marketing enhances a product or service online presence thus enabling increased traffic and sales. Thus, Internet marketing should be considered by start-ups in their business plan.

Why internet marketing should be an integral part of your business plan.

  • Internet marketing is cost effective. It is the most inexpensive way to access largest customer base. Since start-ups have limited resources, Internet marketing is an effective marketing channel.
  • Compared to other forms of advertising, Internet marketing reaches to the target audience quickly and with a lot of precision. Thus, internet marketing helps you in overcoming the barrier of distance.
  • Internet marketing also promotes brand awareness. Compared to traditional forms of advertising, the exposure is for a long term which helps in building relations with customers and also in retaining them.
  • Internet marketing uses social media for promoting your product or service. This leads to increase in sales thus higher return on investment.
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Start-ups need to take the advantage of internet marketing by incorporating internet marketing in their business plan.





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