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Have you tried Art Holiday – Mayanka Batra

Art Holiday – Mayanka Batra

A Holiday for the Mind, Body and Soul!

This February (2017), The Art Holiday Company – Mayanka Batra launched its first Art-cation –  a 3.5 day ‘Draw and Paint holiday in Goa’.

Goa epitomizes the most relaxed vacations with an immanent vibe of leisure, fun and solitude. The kaleidoscopic blend of people, cultures, and experiences alleviated with pristine beaches and hills and delectable food made it the perfect destination for us to begin this journey.

While exploring a plethora of places, the holiday was about capturing the essence of this emerald in the sea. The sandy seashores and serene sunsets became instant inspiration for artwork and rejuvenation.

Painting by the sea, experimenting with water colors and pastels, we happened to share some fascinating life stories and our taste in music. An essential part of this vacation was also the culinary experience taking the palate for a ride with Greek, Portuguese and authentic Goan food.

A trip to the flea market and carnival added to the fun beyond colors witnessing the absolute spirit of Goa. Our Art Guide, Shuchi, Founder, Ekadha, helped us find a new artistic vocabulary.

The true ingredient, however, for this happy holiday were our holidayers who were energetic throughout our time in Goa.

Mayanka Batra, Founder The Art Holiday

The Art Holiday Company is result of love for Travel and Art. There are so many of us who can use a break from strenuous work schedules or repetitive household chores to have fun at a beautiful place with like-minded people.

Why Art? For the simple reason that it is exciting and a brilliant way to express yourself. Each holiday we create explores a different form of Art from painting and photography to improv and theatre to even martial arts like Kalaripayattu.

The holidays can range from a fun bachelorette party to corporate retreats to calm art therapy sessions. We have a holiday for everyone. There are other fun elements on our holidays like bon fire musical evenings, cooking sojourns and storytelling sessions.


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The Art Holiday Company believes that holidays should be stress free. Our holiday plans are inclusive of airport transfers, stay, most of the meals and art material.

There is free time for those who want to explore the place, go for a trek, sit back and read a book or connect with new friends within or outside the group.

We invest a lot of time in choosing the right locations and artists to ensure your comfort. We take time out to speak with each holidayer to understand their backgrounds and unique needs especially when it comes to food or their idea of art and fun.

We strongly believe in power of thoughtful planning and impeccable execution. There is no substitute for hard work and that is how we at The Art Holiday Company function. Our journey has just started and we believe in learning and adapting quick to what our customers want.

This has led us to venture into 2-4 hour within city pop-up experiences which we launch in April 2017.

Our driving force is this quote from The Little Prince – “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” We do what we do with a lot of love and wish to create some memorable experiences along the way.

Get in touch with The Art Holiday for a life time experience at their website www.theartholiday.com or their Facebook page.



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