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Travel startup TripHobo lets you research and create your travel itinerary


Story behind: Travel startup TripHobo: In 2012, when Praveen Kumar from IIM Lucknow, Karthik Ramachandra from IIM Indore and Saket Newaskar from MDI Gurgaon thought of building a global product out of Pune (India), they planned everything perfectly but one.

The name of their startup which aimed at simplifying the research and creation of the itinerary was ‘Joguru’. Joguru is a shortened version of journey guru that rebranded itself as TripHobo.

Trip planning is made fun with TripHobo’s smart and intuitive vacation planner.

It’s the world’s largest platform for discovering user generated itineraries and using them to create customized travel plans. All you need to do is click on ‘Optimize this day’ and start planning your holiday.

trip hobo founders - Praveen, karthik and Saket

The company has been previously invited to the prestigious Top 30 Travel Innovation Summit in 2014.

For users who want a plan within two minutes, a new feature that generates an automated “trip plan has been introduced. Users can also use other users’ itinerary and customize it according to their own requirements.

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The company boasts of over 400 top global destinations enabled for planning on its platform at the moment. At the moment, Triphobo claims to have more than 200k monthly users and over 60,000 user generated trips on its platform.

The traffic on the company’s website and mobile app is witnessing a growth of more than 600% where an average user spends around nine to 10 minutes on the website. Almost two-third of the visitors (users) of Triphobo are not based in India and 25-30% of the traffic comes through mobile right now.

Triphobo is definitely not the first company from India which is targeting the global market and customers, but not many startups in the B2C space have successfully scaled up globally from India.

Travelers are still not used to planning their itinerary of travel (apart from to-and-fro tickets) online.

It is for the same reason that Triphobo website’s UI allow users to play around, drag and drop, and is engagement and fun driven.

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