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Incredible outdoor and off beat travel experiences with White Collar Hippie

White Collar Hippie founded in 2011 is about bringing you incredible outdoor and off beat travel experiences. Sachin Parikh and Vikrant Chheda are the guys you can thank for this offbeat travel company, the former bringing in the ‘white collar’ element of the company, while the latter complements it by lending it the ‘hippie’ vibe’. They have, in the past, organised an array of trips including surfing in Karnataka, trekking and camping in Ladakh, skiing in Gulmarg, and indulging in water sports in the Andamans, along with covering festivals like Escape Festival of Arts and Music, Naukuchiataal, Uttarakhand, Sula Fest in Nashik and NH7 Weekender.

Vikrant Chheda and Sachin Parikh
Vikrant Chheda and Sachin Parikh

Amishi Rambhia Parikh, Head, White Collar Hippie Junior (WCH Jr), said, “Nowadays, kids are addicted to mobile phones and such other gadgets. Hence, we wanted to make sure that children, at a tender age itself, step out and engage in activities like Camping Sessions that will help them develop skills.

Through their weekend escape to Hampi, they hopes to explore not only this erstwhile capital of the magnificent Vijayanagar Empire, but also the artist within you. Clarifying briskly that this isn’t a professional photography course, they elaborate that they also offer instrument-making workshop apart from a drum circle. Other experiences that beckon include bouldering and climbing to the top of mammoth rocks, cycling through the quaint by-lanes, jumping into cool, calm lakes, making music by a bonfire and getting lost in the galaxies of stars.

White Collar Hippie can be contacted on phone 099302 60748 or email travel@whitecollarhippie.com. Follow them on their FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin




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