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Amit Sharma and Ajay Yadav’s NutriMoo sells 100% Pure cows milk

The story behind, NutriMoo, 100% Pure Cow’s Milk from Credence Whole Foods by Amit Sharma and Ajay Yadav. Today anything ‘organic’ we see as labels must come from small farms where the produce is pure without chemicals or growth hormones.

Amit Sharma and Ajay Yadav believe there is a huge market in the whole foods segment that will address overall health and fitness needs and wanted to create a niche in the health and wellness segment through innovative value added services.

After much deliberation and introspection, they began their new startup venture called Credence Whole Foods Private Limited.

Creating a good and healthy eco-system from dairy products is something they ventured out to do.

They are committed to bring happiness to all with its health and wellness range, offering pure, hygienic and adulteration-free high-quality products as the strongest differentiator in line with the brand positioning.

Credence Whole Foods’ flagship brand NutriMoo boasts of unadulterated 100% Pure Cow’s Milk with rich nutritional content absolutely free from antibiotics and hormones, in line with organic practices.

This wholesome milk comes from a select breed of Holstein cows from the NutriMoo Farm, located at Baghpat that has been designed by De Laval, the world leader in professional dairy farm management systems to ensure quality produce.

Besides the NutriMoo launch, Amit & Ajay are planning to launch MooPure and MooCheers two more Credence Whole Foods dairy brands based upon 100% pure cow’s farm fresh natural processed milk with popular all season flavors to keep the good times going.

They also plan to offer dairy and non-dairy products based upon whole ingredients with minimal processing, preservatives and additives.

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For more information write to: cheers@nutrimoo.com



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