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Simple and quick exercises to get flat tummy

How to get a flat tummy effortlessly

The tummy fat is hardest to shred from body but fortunately it can be done with simple and regular exercises. Today we are going to look the simplest ways to reduce tummy fat.

Some of the exercises are as simple to do, anywhere and anytime.

  1. Puller:  Just pull stomach in while slowly breathing out and hold stomach atleast for 5 sec. Increase the  time gradually to have greater effect. Perform atleast for 15-20 times.
  2. Straight bend: Sit upright with straight legs stretched. While breathing out slowly bend in abdomen to touch the toes with fingers without pulling knees. Start with doing this for for 10-15 mins as per stamina. and increase minutes daily. Also helps in body flexibility.
  3. Weight lift: sit on a chair and try to lift 1 kg weight from floor. While holding the weights bring the hand up till shoulders then down. Repeat atleast for 10 times for better result.
  4. Legs split: sit upright with legs split with folded knees and feet touching each other in namaste fold. Try to touch forehead to the floor with hands tied behind and holding feet together. Follow the process for 15 times a day and increase daily by 5 more time.
  5. Power Baithaka: Stand with half feet distance in legs and hold weight atleast 2 kg. Go down on legs with out touching weight to floor (like squat) and come up. Repeat at least for 10 times for improved result. This will help to reduce tummy fat as well as increase strength of legs.
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Words of Caution: Do not perform any exercise after eating or drinking. The exercises have been researched to help a lot but it should be complimented with warm water.

Keep exercising and get flat tummy. We would love to hear review and comments!