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Fitness: must have gadgets for a fitness enthusiast

Gadgets have become the part of our life and we are surrounded by them. There are some amazing gadgets for the fitness enthusiasts as well that can help them to stay healthy and fit. Here are the details of the amazing gadgets for gym-goers and calorie counters.

Finis Neptune

Till now, music was there as a powerful motivation in activities like cycling or running but not in swimming. Now Finis Neptune is there that could be used on the swimming goggles. Without the use of ear buds, music is relayed in user’s ears using bone conduction audio. It comes with rechargeable battery, 4Gb storage space and OLED screen.

Misfit Shine

Misfit shine acts as an activity tracker that helps you to track the activities and movements. With its help, you can achieve the set goals. Its perfect design lets you strap it on arm and is waterproof as well so you can even dive wearing it. Just tap the face of LED-lit to keep a check on your progress. Buy online https://misfit.com/products/shine-2-halo-necklace-bundle


Keeping a check on your stats  while cycling is very annoying and dangerous but not with Sportiiiis. You can accurately and safely keep the track of heart rate with its help. The heart rate is indicated by the simple Head up display using 6 LED’s. It could be mounted on the sunglasses and via voice prompts, the stats are provided to the user. Buy online https://4iiii-innovations.myshopify.com/collections/coaching-tools/products/sportiiii

iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter

This device helps the sportsperson to trend and track their pulse rate, levels of blood oxygenation and Perfusion Index. For the sports teams and players who need to travel for playing, this is a great and transferable tool. Buy online https://masimopersonalhealth.com/product/isp02-pulse-oximeter-with-lightning-connector-for-ios-device/

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What if you have a device to reduce your pace of eating? Isn’t it great? HAPIfork is the gadget that lets you do this. While eating, if you are speeding, then via tiny vibrations, notifications are provided by the sensors. The duration of eating, amount as well as periods of fork servings per minute could be tracked. https://www.hapi.com/store/buy/hapifork-promo

Umoro One

This bottle serves the purpose like other bottles but can release about 1.5 scoops of protein with just a push of button. Buy online https://www.umoro.com/collections/featured-collection/products/olive-green


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