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Anammyaa Wellness – A Way To Good Health

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest forms of healing the entire body. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a fine balance between mind, body and spirit.

We spoke with Ashma Khanna, the name behind Anammyaa Wellness about her story and inspiration to begin this venture. She said, she was born with a heart condition and had four defects in her heart. She spent her entire childhood moving from one hospital to another. This forced her to live a very restricted and limited life; She was only allowed to attend school which too, came with several limitations. She was disallowed to take up Science in the 11th grade by her Doctors as they believed she would not be able to handle the stress, thereby ending her dream of becoming a Doctor and helping others like herself.

Her limited freedom was further curtailed by that fact that she began developing health complications and was advised by her Doctors to either go in for a surgery with minimal chances of survival or to slowly get paralysed and eventually die. Her parents chose to fight on and opted to get her operated in the United States in 1980. And although this surgery was physically and mentally taxing, it gave her new hope. Her hardships made her emotionally and mentally stronger, and she chose to not let her medical disabilities define who she was. She strived to prove herself to the world.

Her medical setbacks forced her to take a different path in order to achieve success in her life, which in turn has given her a diverse background with vast knowledge in several fields of work. She says: “Always striving to achieve excellence, I chose to partner with Moser Baer in 1987 and became the first female distributor in the automation industry. In 1996, I joined RA Santana marketing services (P) Ltd, a niche marketing firm that specializes in high-end gadgets and telemedia solutions, as the Director of Sales. It was during my stint here, that I was approached by Hindustan Unilever (2006) to propagate Ayurveda Business in Gurgaon with a special focus on the corporate world by addressing to their specific requirements. “

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Her background in the corporate world along with her childhood desire to help people with medical ailments, helped her make Ayurvedic Center, Ayush Gurgaon, a phenomenal success. Within a span of six months, under her leadership, Ayush Gurgaon was declared to be a role model for Ayush Therapy Centers all across India by Hindustan Unilever. She has also successfully set up the brand “Anammyaa Wellness, a way to good health,” which is committed to provide quality service in wellness by reviving Ayurveda across India with centers in Gurgaon and more launching pan India.

Ashma has been a positive force in her journey so far. It’s a constant study and learning for her. Her mission is to learn more and spread Ayurveda. She has several renowned artists, politicians and many from the film industry as her clients.

When asked what was her lowest point in life, she said: “I never take anything as the lowest point..it a journey of life…one learns at every step. For me my lowest too is a learning point. My highest though was in 2013 when I was selected by Ministry of South Korea to represent India for Ayurveda in World Traditional Medicine Festival. From Government Departments to Universities doing Ayurveda I was the one selected for the same.”

Her success mantra is to do everything from the heart, hard work and with compassion. Not to forget sincerity. All this put together makes a perfect success story!

Anammyaa Wellness A Way To Good Health
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