1. Who are our clients?
  • Lifestyle (Travel, Food, Hospitality, Fitness)
  • Primarily Startups, Small – Mid size businesses.
  • Established businesses looking at additional marketing



  1. Why should I contribute my story to Good Better Life?
  • We ensure its viral traction on a tight budget


  1. What exactly do you do and what is the process after we confirm?
  • Good Better Life writes crisp, fresh and interesting stories around yours and publishes it on our home page and other social media channels.
  • There are similar stories about businesses such as yours – entrepreneurs who have just begun their journey to entrepreneurs who have made it big.
  • We handpick each and every business and write/re-write its story till we are satisfied and share the same with you before publishing


  1. Who do our stories reach on your platform?
  • Our website and social media channels are being visited by almost a million people every month
  • Demographics of such are from across India between 18-50 year olds, people interested in trading about news, buyers, investors, marketing, individual consumers, corporates etc. are amongst its visitors.
  • All our ads and marketing efforts are focused on acquiring more eyeballs for you from across the country
  • Your story will be published, shared and commented upon across all social media channels
  • Your story will also be published on other group sites of which we are members of.



  1. How long does it take for my story to be published?
  • Once accepted, our author will connect with you and subsequently within a week, it will be published.


  1. How big is your database?
  • Almost a million visitors a month
  • 3000 to 5000 FB likes. Twitter and Instagram are slower mediums for the businesses we feature but we are increasing its relevant usage as well for our clients.


  1. Do you charge subscription fees?
  • Just a one- time fee where your article remains on our website and social media pages forever. You are also free to use the article anywhere, of course with the mention of Good Better Life