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Career Counselling Startup ‘The Schule’ is helping students choose right career

The Schule a Pune-based online career counselling company aims to bridge the gap among students and working professionals by helping students to choose a stream based on all the careers available globally and letting them communicate DIRECTLY WITH THE PROFESSIONALS WORKING IN THAT PROFILE.

We have 200+ streams and the content comes from PROFESSIONALS working in that field. This company was founded by Siddharth Bose with a desire to redesign and upgrade the approach towards Career Planning which focuses far too much on peer advise, self research or simply following the general trend, every child is different with varied interests and desires and as it happens today, an aptitude test should not tell the options available to the student. A child good in Maths doesn’t necessarily need to be a CA or an Engineer, he/she can become an Actuary, someone interested in the Aviation industry can become and Air Traffic Control Officer, and the information about the various professions become more authentic if it comes from professionals actually working in these fields.




The Schule provides expert advice, video courses and discussion forum. Blogs, podcasts, webcasts, online chat, and discussion boards help the students to identify their interests and talents. Students can directly communicate with working professionals. They can know about available career opportunities from the highly professional team. Online exams help the students to assess their skills.


Like every entrepreneur, Siddharth Bose also faced low and high points but with his strong determination, right strategies along with the support from his wife Shilpi he made ‘The Schule’ a success in the education sector. The best thing that can happen to a startup entrepreneur is when their passion becomes profession and that’s what Siddharth enjoys most about his work. .

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His advice to newcomemers have faith in yourself, it works wonders.You’re the best, don’t fixate on what others have to say about you, just Plan and Act”. Getting The Schule was selected in the NASSCOM’s 10K program has been a proud moment.

Find out further details on their website http://www.theschule.com/  .Visit their Facebook page here- https://www.facebook.com/theschule/ . You can call them at +91- 8408077885, +91-9178936776 Also, check their video commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI_OEZt8VNw.




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